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After my studies and obtaining my diploma with honors at the Pivaut school in Nantes, I became a professional

painter-illustrator. Passionate about the art of the great masters of classical painting, I was very interested in the production of colors, a knowledge long forgotten and kept secret by the painters. Preparing my own colors to paint my paintings I quickly took a liking to this "back shop" job.
It was in 2019 that I decided to start my own paint manufacturing company for artists in order to offer others this painting resulting from my requirements.

oil colours

Schaal oil colors are not added any siccative or any filling filler. It is a priority to offer only predominantly mono-pigment colors which give the painting remarkable intensity and luminosity. Each color has its own properties, such as dryness or transparency.
Having made the choice not to denature these properties, it is important to take into account the different oxidation times of each color (themselves influenced by the heat or humidity of the room). This consideration will allow the artist to master his work in the best possible conditions. Mediums, already mostly composed of siccatives, are widely used by painters. They will allow the reduction of oxidation times.

The choice of pigments and their source is also part of the desire to participate in a "local" and more responsible economy. This is why working only with French partners or bordering on France like Germany or Italy makes it possible to avoid imports too far away as with China. The Société des Ocres de France, the last bastion of ocher earth production, gives me the means to offer high quality colors while participating in the local economy. Linseed oil, used for most colors, is produced by a French farmer in Essonne. Walnut oil, also produced in France, serves as a binder for blues and whites so as not to alter these sensitive colors.

The craft involves a time of manufacturing different from what the big industries can offer. This is why I prefer to focus on the quality of the products offered rather than the quantities. The craftsmanship also allows me to be closer to clients, who often need personalized advice.

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